Many decades ago, men were only the ones who dare to get a tattoo. Before tattooed women were viewed negatively that’s why there are only a few brave ones who dare to have one. Today, there’s been a rise in the number of women getting tattooed especially in Australia. This trend symbolizes women empowerment and is now a way of expressing one’s self and a unique style of adding beauty to the body.

Those who already have a tattoo or more, it is really tempting to get another one to add in your collection. For first-timers, you might feel apprehensive at first but you’ll soon know how it feels once you get a tattoo. Finding a professional tattoo artist to get your tattoo done in Shepparton has a great impact in your tattoo experience. If you’re looking for tattoo inspirations, here are the most popular tattoo trends for women this year.

Line Tattoos

Line tattoos are simple yet beautiful. As the name implies, it is made up of a single line. No shadows and depth, just plain line art. The most popular designs in this genre are flowers, faces, bodies, or anything that looks dramatic.

Inspirational Tattoos

Everyone needs to be inspired every once in a while. Whether it is an inspirational quote or a short energizing note to self, it would be great to have one that sticks with you always. Inspirational tattoos are popular for those who love simple and small tattoos with an impact. This trend will surely stay for a few years.

Red Ink Tattoos

Red ink tattoos are a popular pick for those who want a chic-looking tattoo. Whether it is used together with black ink or just pure red, it sure adds a unique touch to your tattoo collection. There are plenty of designs to choose from but the most popular are roses and words.

Mountain Tattoos

Mountain-themed tattoos have risen in popularity these past years. You can opt for line tattoo if you want the scene to look flat and simple or choose a more realistic king of tattoo. Either way, if you’re a nature lover then you’ll surely love this one.

Side Boob Tattoos

If you want to add a feminine twist to your tattoo, a side boob tattoo is great to try. This trend is still continuing to rise in popularity so if you’re a tattoo aficionado, better not get left out. Flowers are the most popular designs used in this kind of tattoo but you can choose any other design that has a feminine touch to it such as butterflies.

Sunflower Tattoos

Floral tattoos are very popular among women but sunflowers are slowly getting in the lead. Ladies just love the unique beauty of sunflowers and they look great whether on plain black ink or coloured. Looking at sunflowers helps uplift and cheer your spirits when you’re tired or down.

Spine Tattoos

These are the tattoos that are placed along the middle of your back, where the spine is located. Whether it’s a simple or complicated design, this trend will surely be on the rise this year.

Keep your tattoos updated with these popular tattoo trends this year.

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