An ideal rider always wears these 2 things when driving: a trusty helmet and a rider jacket. The helmet is one of the basic safety gears when you’re driving a motorcycle. However, a motorcycle jacket adds statement and makes you look cooler on a motorcycle. Before, it was easy to choose rider jackets due to the limited styles and brands. Today, picking the best one is confusing with a wide variety of options to choose from.

If you’re reading this then you might be one of those who are seeking help on how to choose a motorcycle jacket that suits you. Read along to learn more.


There are so many styles of motorcycle jackets nowadays and it’s just so hard to pick which one’s the best. If you love traditional fashion, leather jackets never go out of style. But there are still others to choose from. To make it easier, choose jacket styles that complement your motorcycle. Imagine yourself wearing the jacket and see if it looks good together with your bike. If not, try something else.


Another factor to consider when choosing a jacket is comfort. The main purpose of a motorcycle jacket is to keep you warm on cooler weather and protect you from intense sunlight when driving. If you ride your motorcycle daily to work, school or any reason, make sure that it’s comfortable for better driving experience. Choose well fit ones that also have ventilation so it feels comfortable when worn. Having waterproof jackets at hand is great to keep you ready when it rains.


For those who drive long routes or into extreme sports like motocross, choosing jackets that has safety features is essential. Aside from keeping you warm, it has enhanced safety design that protects your body when something unexpected hits you or during falls. Alpinestars jackets have a variety of designs that are stylish, safe and comfortable all at the same time.

Aside from those 3 factors, be sure your jacket has most of these qualities:

  • Sleeves with Right Length

Choose jackets with sleeves that are not too long or short. When fitting, fold your arms just like when you’re driving and see how the sleeves fit.

  • Covers Your Back

Another factor to look for is that the jacket must fit well that it covers your back. Aside from protection, you can also be assured of comfort as you drive.

  • Has Some Extra Room

It is not good to pick jackets that are too loose, so does too tight ones. Make sure that it fits well in the shoulders, chest, arms and back. Just add a little space to freely move around.

  • Offers Ventilation

Good motorcycle jackets have ventilation zippers that help cool you down when driving under hot temperatures. This feature helps a lot in keeping you comfortable when driving.

  • Has Pads

For extreme riding, choose jackets that have protective padding or has pockets for armour inserts.

Choosing a motorcycle is simple. Remember to choose the one that is stylish, comfortable and safe.

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