Whether it is a birthday party of a family member, Christmas or even a simple reunion, planning a dinner and getting everyone to come together at one time can be a quite a difficult task. So if you are looking for ways to plan your dinner, here are some tips to help you.

Set Up a Date

Before planning anything else, the first thing you should do is deciding a date. Most of the time, Saturdays and Sundays work. The elder members do not have to worry about work and the young ones do not have to worry about school or college. Talk with the rest of the family member before settling the date so you can choose a date that no one has pre-scheduled work. Inform the date to the others as early as possible so they can keep it free.

Plan a Menu

Plan on what you are going to include on the menu. Know the allergies any of the guests might have. If there are anyone with illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease, you need to have food options for them that have less amount of sugar or oil in them. Are there vegans or vegetarians in the family? Then you will have to include items for them in the menu too. Get the suggestions from a few in the family for the menu. What should you include as drinks? What are the desserts? What drinks should you prepare for kids?

Order Food or Prepare Yourself

You can prepare the meals yourself with the help of some of the other family members. Divide the responsibilities in the kitchen so that you don’t have to do everything. But if you are busy with work and find it difficult to get others on board as well, the best option is to order in. Check out the websites of some of your favourite restaurant s and call them to place an order. If you need vegan options you can check out any vegan online shop that either has great menus or recommend you great places to order food from.

Prepare a Venue

A family dinner does not have to be at a separate place. Talk with the rest of your relatives and decide who can host a large crowd at their house. You can move to a backyard if you feel like you don’t have enough space. When deciding the place, also make sure you don’t go for that one relative who lives the furthest from the town. This will make travelling difficult for everyone. Make sure the house you pick is convenient for everyone who is joining. Add a couple of chairs to accommodate every guest and you are good to go.

Plan Something for the Kids

You might start immediately catching up with your relatives and sharing your stories but this might be extremely boring for your kids. Get some games or movies planned out for them so that the dinner will be interesting for them as well. You can play some music to add a more festive vibe as well. This will keep the kids entertained as much as the adults.

Planning a dinner for a large crowd can be a difficult task. Make sure you divide the duties among your other family members and share your work so you don’t have to stress about everything at the last minute.

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