Gone are the days when eloping was hidden and unspoken. Amidst the new trends that seem to spring up every day, elopement photography is widely spoken. To those of you who prefer a private occasion and believe in exchanging vows without much ado; having one that gives importance to intimacy and the magic between two lovers, this photography is ideal.

These occasions can occur in the presence of close kin or simply with the photographer playing dual roles namely, the guests and the witness. It ensures maximum privacy. This is ideally planned one or two months prior to the ceremony and is usually held during the week. With less focus on the ceremony itself, which usually lasts only for a few minutes, priority is given to the photographs which are captured as portraits. This is done in beautiful locations and with a good dose of creativity included. Thus the photographer’s skill and creativity play an important role. Such ceremonies do not require large sums of money and planning. All you need is an expert who will capture beautiful moments that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Here is a look into some guidelines and suggestions that you need prior to planning such occasions.

Why Elopement?

That which once was considered taboo has changed now. Many couples actually spend time choosing destinations for elopement weddings. In such weddings, the ‘formal’ procedure is not followed. Unlike in the commonly accepted meaning of the term, such couples inform their parents and guests prior to the ceremony. Most often couples opt for this when they do not believe in celebrating a traditional wedding, because of the cost incurred. It’s an ideal choice for those who lead busy lives as such ceremonies don’t usually demand rigorous and stressful planning. These can also take place when there is an emergency such as urgent travel plans overseas or (sometimes) if the bride is pregnant.


Choose a site that you and your partner love. It can even be a site that is special to you; a place where you first professed your love to one another or the place where you first met. When selecting the location, have a discussion with the specialized New York elopement photographer who might have a comprehensive knowledge of potential locations. Beautiful portraits can be created by capturing special moments; either the tears of joy that stream down your face or the joy in your eyes as you exchange looks. New York City adds its iconic beauty to every single photograph that is captured, either in an outdoor or indoor wedding. There are more than 50 venues to choose from and the choice is yours.

The Team

Find a team that is specialized in the task. You should also be comfortable with the photographer as you will share many intimate moments before the camera and the photographer.

You can get rid of awkward moments if you are familiar with the photographer. Therefore unlike normal photographers, a specialized elopement photographer can assist you further as they have enough experience working on such projects.

If you prefer peace and quiet on your special day adopting this trend will ensure maximum satisfaction.

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