Being ‘wonder woman’ does not come easy and a lot of the time as women we forget to take care of our own well-being in our efforts to ensure that the others in our lives are happy and healthy. So here are just a few key things to keep in mind and focus on so that you know you are taking care of yourself:


When I say ‘diet’ I do not mean cutting your meals down or restricting yourself merely to lose weight what I am saying is that you need to watch what you eat. Know what is good or bad for your body and what quantity you need to be eating on a daily basis. Eating more food than you need especially if it is of the unhealthy variety will only make you feel lazy and tired.


Be conscious of your fitness. You should be exercising to gain lean muscle and physical strength not just to lose weight and if you feel that your weight (whether over or under) is what is causing so many of your medical issues then working out should fix this and keep you more fit. Your body will easily get toned by doing plenty of exercise as long as you can create a routine for yourself and persist in it. Do intense exercise that targets specific areas of your body. If you work out smartly you will use less energy while still gaining the most out of it.

Good Friends

Surround yourself with good people who will push you to do better and be better all while they support you. Good company is key as it reduces loneliness, stress, depression and increases your self-esteem and happiness and additionally allows you to talk about and share the good and bad times you have. Chose friends who will give you good advice, can relate to you and are a positive part of your life as this will greatly improve your health and fitness.


Develop good habits and break the bad ones. Smoking and alcoholism are some seriously bad vices that will damage your body (sometimes beyond repair), so fight these habits and do everything in your power to break them and replace them with better habits. If you smoke when you are stressed, then change that habit into meditating or doing yoga when you are stressed. Mediation and yoga are two really good habits to develop as it calms the mind and body while also strengthening your muscles and giving you better coordination.

Stress and Anxiety

I know you have a lot of responsibilities and multiple things to take care of but that does not mean you should forget your health and well-being. Ensure that you get enough sleep and also have time to recuperate so that you do not get overwhelmed and stressed out. Take things day by day and do not over think each situation as this will only make you unnecessarily anxious.

All these factors contribute to making your lifestyle either a good or bad one so chose what is best for you and stick to it!



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