Pyjama parties, slumber parties, or sleepovers are often associated with children and women. But since there are numerous benefits to having these kinds of social events, guys should also have pyjama parties often.

Men might have a hard time accepting the idea of an adult sleepover, no matter if it is with their closest friends they knew since childhood. Perhaps now is the time to change that and should have pyjama parties to bond with their friends, to help curb toxic masculinity, to understand the women in their lives more and to relax.

To Bond

As a man, you might think that what you do with your friends when you come together to hang out is already a form of bonding. Playing cards and videogames, drinking, binge-watching your favourite TV shows. Sure, this is true but usually with guys these nights often end up competitive in nature and testosterone fuelled night. Some even end up in disagreements.

This is the difference between male and females hanging out activities. To be clear, nothing wrong with it but if you want to feel closer to your male peers, having heartfelt conversations during sleepovers could do wonders for your friendship. Besides, how would you be able to ask for serious advices when you are all busy outdoing one another on Mario Kart?

To Curb Toxic Masculinity

There has been a stigma on males who prefer to do activities others might be construed as feminine. If a guy wants to have a pamper day with their friends while wearing their menspj set, their masculinity and gender preference would be questioned. If more males would prefer to have a quiet night in with their friends, pyjama parties among adult male friends would be normalized.

To Understand the Women in Their Lives More

Since females do pyjama parties and sleepovers more often, some of their partners might not get the idea of wanting to spend quality time with friends, gossiping the whole night. Then, why not try it? If you have your own set of friends designate a night to try and see what the ladies are getting out of a fun-filled sleepover.

To Relax

Even if the night would be filled with exciting and active activities, the main goal of the night is to relax. Even if you end up chatting until the wee hours of the morning, you’d still find yourself oddly relaxed even with only few hours of sleep. This is what happens when you enjoyed the night and your time with friends. Your brain released all the happy hormones that you would still be on a high even if the work week is about to start.

No matter how busy we might be, it is better that we still find the time to do the things we quite enjoyed when we were younger. We don’t have to care what others or the society would say, as long as we are not harming anyone and all we are after is a night filled with lasting memories with our good friends.

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