Decrease or reduction in body weight is known as weight loss. According to a research, nearly half of the world’s adult percentage tries to lose weight at least once in their lifetime. Weight loss attempts are higher among women than men. A person’s body weight has such a huge impact on his or her overall well-being. From excess weight on your joints, limbs and arteries to psychological distress of low self-esteem, self-awareness and sometimes depression are possible causes of excess weight.

Although there are different ways to lose weight, seeking professional help is advisable for lasting results. Weight loss can be a scary nightmare if done the wrong way. Weight loss retreat Melbourne assures you professional guidance and aids to jump start your weight loss journey and help you reach your best version.

Causes of excessive weight gain

Often the problem is not what you eat but how you eat. So, the most important breakthrough of weight loss hangs on the bottom of your cause to weight gain. The long-term effects of excessive eating and living a inactive lifestyle where physical activity is low, is becoming a problem and added high levels of stress can lead to serious health issues even over a shorter period of time.

The modern working environment of deskbound jobs has also added convenience to communicate and conduct business without physically moving. With fast food chains, micro waved meals, instant meals to processed foods that make it tempting to pick the sugar and fat loaded options instead of taking more time consuming healthy and balanced meals have caused lifelong health matters.

Body weight and Calories

Body weight is determined by the amount of energy we take in as food and the amount of energy we spend in our daily functions. Energy is measured in calories.

Lifestyle patterns and work nature partly adds to the required amount of calories we need to eat everyday to function properly. But with a person whose job involves heavy manual labour will burn off more calories in a day than a person sitting at a desk most of the day. For those who do not have a job that requires vigorous physical activity, exercise, or increased physical activity, the number of calories burned may decrease.

Every adult is in total control of the amount of food he or she consumes each day, which means we are in control of our daily calorie consumption. To a large extent, we can also control our energy production, or the number of calories we burn per day. The number of calories we burn per day depends on the following:

  • Basal metabolic rate also known as BMR the number of calories we burn per hour just by living and maintaining basic bodily functions
  • Our physical activity level

Your weight loss goal may be just to lose that extra 5 pounds you gained during the holiday season or it can be the 40 pounds you gained during pregnancy, the same fundamentals and factors decide how much and how fast, your weight loss will occur. Following simple healthy clean eating diet habits, with moderate physical activity and putting them into everyday practice can lead to weight loss.

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