When it comes to men and buying underwear, the relationship is a pretty non-existent one. Though they do not typically take the initiative of shopping in general, they tend to buy the occasional pair of trainers or a tailored jacket from time-to-time. Of course, as is known popularly, men’s underwear is typically bought by women, taking the majority that is. The other alternative is that they wait around for someone to gift them some, probably hoping to have a few swing by during Christmas for instance. Others may just grab a handful from a rack when passing by them on their way to the checkout counter, but what is perhaps most perplexing about this state of affairs, is why such little attention is paid to something so important. Let us change that shall we?


Underwear must be comfortable, so obviously the fitting needs to be right. This can be trickier than you may think, and enough to frustrate you to the point of walking right out the door. But, it need not be so complicated. All you need to know is that trunks are a very popular choice when it comes to the different types, mainly because they offer both support and style. They offer that ‘middle-ground’ between super conventional briefs and those loose boxer shorts that are just breezy and not much else. For men, it is important to select supportive underwear, so this is very important.

Work With Size Charts

Most of us tend to ignore them because they often seem like so much work which seems wasteful for something as simple as buying clothes. But when it comes to something like buying men’s underwear, you want to be sure that there is enough room to breathe and move about in comfort. Plus, since sizing can differ from brand to brand and store to store, it is important to go over their respective size charts when buying those men’s bamboo boxer briefs you had your eye on. So first pick the styles you like, and then refer the size charts to ensure they will fit you correctly.

Go With Cotton

Underwear is now made from different types of materials, women’s mainly, but now men’s too. Needless to say, this is one more confusing element on your quest, which you probably do not need. Well, the best thing we can tell you is to keep it simple by opting only for cotton. Aside from this being quite a straightforward buy, cotton is also the best material for underwear since it is soft, comfortable, breathable and absorbs sweat. Hence, it helps keep irritation at bay, and prevents rashes from turning up.

Shop Regularly

The problem is that since men do not shop for underwear often enough, they tend to wait till their existing ones are worn out, and by then they are anyway in a hurry so they do not want to waste much time on the nitty-gritties. They then come home with ill-fitting underwear that cannot be returned, because underwear is not accepted back at stores. We do not need to explain why! So make it a point to shop often and frequently, so you have plenty of time to go through all the different options and make the right choices.

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