Education sets a foundation for both men and women, it is a powerful tool with which to bring about change in the world and to most women it means so much more as it is also a lifeline and a means of empowerment. Education gives women greater power and freedom, so why then are so many women being deprived? An education is important because it gives women a choice in life and allows them to be better individuals. Education is important because it results in:

Productive Women

An educated woman is more likely to do something significant with her life and make a difference in society if she has the drive. Take for instance, the oldest university in the world. This university was founded in 859 CE by an educated woman named Fatima al-Fihri in Fez, Morocco, which was one of the leading universities in the world and is still functioning today.

Despite the fact that the first university was founded by a woman look at how far we have fallen, today so many among us chose not to educate female children who could make a bigger impact in the world with an education.

Educated Children and Economic Prosperity

It is a cycle that will better the state of the world. These women will teach their children the importance of an education and will also very likely teach their male children not to discriminate against females. Better educated children are in the end better for economic and societal growth.

Less Maternal and Infant Mortality and Better Healthcare

Children born into a family with an educated mother are less likely to die before they reach the age of one. Women with a better understanding of health care and hygiene are less likely to die during childbirth or the period after giving birth (postpartum stage). In third-world countries like India and Africa the mortality rate is staggeringly high and something as simple as an education will reduce these shocking rates.

Fewer Social Evils and More Justice

Problems such as dowry, forced marriages, physical and verbal abuse, unemployment and other such issues can all be eradicated merely by educating women and teaching them their rights and telling them to be brave enough to fight for what is correct. Men and women are both part of the same society meaning one cannot exist without the other and you need both men and women for a society to function so one of the biggest ways by which to impact society for the better is by educating women thus erasing many social wrongs.

So educate you daughters and your sons too because their education may result in making the world a better place to live in.

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