While there are lots of babies and toddlers who love splashing around during their bath time, there are some who would really want to avoid this time as much as possible. If you’re tot is one of those soap-dodgers, here are a few tips to make bath time more fun and appealing to them.

Include Toys

Children sure love toys and when you allow them to bring some into the bath, it can make this time interesting for them. Choose toys that are bath-friendly and simply allow them to play with it while bathing to keep them preoccupied. There are plenty of bath time toys to choose from such as bath balls, rubber ducks, silicon letters and many more. Check out Munchkin products for more fun, interesting and quality bath toys for your little one.

Plastic Containers

Containers of different sizes and shapes can be used to make bath time more interesting. Babies and toddlers are explorative and they would surely enjoy filling up and pouring out water from these containers while they’re in the bath. It’s surely a great activity to keep them busy while you clean them.

Play a Game

For older kids, playing a game in the bath is the best way to make the activity more fun. There are plenty of bath time games you can try; just see which one suits your child’s interest. For example, you can play the floating game where your child will have to guess which among the things you prepared will sink and float. Aside from having fun, it also sparks your child’s thinking skills.

Be Artistic

Nowadays, there are these so-called bath paints and crayons which are used to scribble around the bathroom. Although things might get a little messy, they’re easy to clean up. If you’re little one has a great interest in colours and art, this approach is a perfect way to get them to the bath.

Try New Bath Products

Whether you’re dealing with a toddler or a big kid, trying new bath products is also an effective way to make them interested in bath time. Take them along when you buy their bath products and let them choose which one, they like. Most kid’s bath products are packed in fun and creative ways that surely grabs children’s attention. Surely, your child would surely be excited to try the product they have chosen.

Get In

Some children just need a little bit of assurance and getting in the bath too is the best way to make bath time fine for them. Aside from enjoying the bath together, you may also try singing along some of their favourite nursery rhymes for more fun.

Give a Snack

If they still dislike the bath after all of your efforts, you may try offering them a bath time snack just to make the event look special. Some parents find this approach helpful especially when their child loves food.

Your child will surely learn to enjoy bath time in no time when you try these tips.


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