Even if you are open to the idea of using sex toys, your partner might still need some convincing. Discussing it might be awkward at first but if you have open communication it would be easier. And if you and your partner have at times are having any difficulties being honest with one another, talking about your sex life could help you become more intimate.

One of the easiest ways you could do to introduce sex toys to your partner is by assuring them that you want to use sex toys not because you are not sexually satisfied (even if this is the case, so as not to hurt their feelings) but because toys could make it spicier. And if you are thinking about how you could introduce sex toys to your partner, read on.

Show How Fun Sex Toys Are

Sex toys are called toys for a reason. They bring fun! If you show your partner that you want sex toys in your bedroom not because they are not pleasuring or satisfying you but because they are fun to use, they might be more open to the idea. Another way you could normalize the idea of using sex toys is to buy your first toy together or shop online. You can look at the whole range here. Seeing other couples buy sex toys together or having an experienced and knowledgeable salesperson explain to your partner the various toys you could both use for your pleasure, they might end up dragging you home to try your new toy.

Acknowledge That Your Sex Life Became Monotonous

If you and your partner could have a no holds barred conversation, tell them that your sex life became monotonous. Fortunately, it could be easily remedied by buying and using sex toys. It is fairly normal for any couple to experience a drop in the frequency and intensity of sexual activities. Recognizing that this is natural and not a problem, it could be easy for the two of you to come up with solutions to spice things up.

Start Simple

Dildos are among the simplest and most basic of sex toys. But if you managed to convince your partner to buy you one, don’t go and purchase the biggest one you could find. It might make your partner think that their “size” is not enough for you. If you are more adventurous and experimental, dial it down for your partner who is still getting used to the idea of using sex toys. Ask them what they wanted to try and what toy they are comfortable in using. When they get used to it, then you could take rein and decide on the next sex toy you both should try after.

If you managed to get your partner to agree with using sex toys, still make them feel that the toys are only an enhancement, not a replacement. When you are using them, don’t focus on the toy and keep reminding your partner that you are enjoying sex because you are doing it with them, not because of the new toy that you are using.

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