Being pregnant doesn’t mean you cannot be your fashion-loving self for the coming nine months. Of course there are some wardrobe changes you need to do and some new items you need to add on your list of regular-wear, but you don’t have to let go of the styles you love. Check out these five fashion tips that you can keep in mind when shopping for pregnancy clothes.

Buy the Right Fitting Underwear

Underwear that fits right can do wonders to your figure. Your breasts tend to become fuller and most of the times one cup size larger during the pregnancy times. So when you are shopping for pregnancy clothes, remember to choose the right sized bra. You can either choose a regular bra that is one cup size larger or for a better fitting, you can choose maternity bras that have wider straps and provide better support. When you get to your second and third trimester, start looking for new panties. You can try panties such as bikinis or thongs that would go under your belly or high cut panties that would cover your belly.

Don’t Let Go of Your Style

You don’t have to let go of your usual style and trade it for pieces from your partner’s closest or baggy t-shirts. Sometimes baggy clothes can make you look larger, will completely hide your figure and make you less fashionable. Instead you can still try on figure-hugging blouses with an empire waist or a side-tie or – when you want to try on a dress – fitting dresses that accentuate your figure. Maternity playsuit designed specifically for pregnant mothers are another style you can try on. These compliment your figure and make you look amazing.

Comfortable but Fashionable shoes

While during the early days of pregnancy, high heels might be an ok look, it is better to switch to a pair of flats during this period. As you become closer to your delivery date, your feet tend to swell. Also, in heels you will become more unstable as the baby grows and your stomach gets larger. Therefore, settling to a pair of flats can help you keep comfortable and not have any unwanted accidents or fashion mishaps when you go out. Don’t ever think that flats are unattractive. You can still invest in some trendy flats such as sandals or ballet flats.

Hair, Nails and Feet

When you are pregnant and is busy with preparing yourself for the arrival of a new member to the family, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself. But don’t forget to groom yourself and pay attention to these little details. Taking care of them is important to both your physical as well as emotional wellbeing. When you feel like your hair is getting too long or if you need your nails done, do not hesitate to get a haircut, a manicure or a pedicure.

So instead of just shopping for pregnancy clothes that everyone else wear, tit is ok to choose items that would make you look better as well as comfortable. Take time to take care of yourself and it can actually make you feel better about yourself.

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