If you’re a smoker and are interested in vaping, you’re making a smart choice. There is a multitude of reasons why vaping is superior. We’ve run through them below.


Cigarettes are not healthy. They are so bad due to the tar inside of them. The tar stains your mouth but also gets trapped in your air-ways – you’ll find it harder to breathe. The tar is also a carcinogen, so tumours could form.

What makes cigarettes addictive is the nicotine inside of them. The chemical is inside vape liquids – you would be able to enjoy its euphoric feel while not being afraid of getting sick.

Calm Your Nerves

You don’t just have to insert e-liquids into vaporizers. You could place CBD oils too. Cannabidiol is the extract from marijuana that has a calming effect. If you suffer from severe anxiety, vaping the oils would help you calm down.

Depending on the strain of CBD, the oils could help with pain and headaches as well. And if you need something to help you fall asleep, the oils would help.

Avoid Odours

When you smoke cigarettes, you’ll have the stench of tobacco all over you. You’ll be dealing with it for a while, as the odour is very hard to remove from clothes. Vaping definitely has an aroma, but it isn’t as bad.

You could have placed a flavoured cartridge into the vaporizer – you now smell like citrus or mint.

There are tobacco flavoured cartridges. Due to the nature of vaporizers, they don’t give off stenches that’s as strong as when smoking.

Vape All Day

Vape cartridges have enough juice to thankfully last a while, and once fully charged, you can expect vaporizers to last a day. This lets you enjoy them all day. You won’t be able to smoke cigarettes all day. You could be done with a packet in under an hour.


Let’s talk about the flavours e-liquids come in. The selection is truly immense. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you will find. Of course, some vape flavors are more suited for experienced vapers – these options are stronger.

As mentioned, you’ll find e-liquids that are tobacco flavoured. If you’re trying to give up smoking, they would be the most worth your time.

Vape Output

Other than the fact that you won’t be ingesting tobacco or tar, another major benefit is that vaporizers let you adjust their output – you can modify them to let you exhale more vape. This’d let you have a bigger hit, and you’d be able to produce impressive clouds of smoke.

Speaking of output, you could get cartridges in varying intensities of nicotine. Some won’t have any nicotine at all.

Final Thoughts

If you were to compare vaping with cigarettes, you’d find that that they have much more benefits. The best of them all is that you won’t be intaking tobacco or tar. This would reduce the chances of lung problems, but more importantly, cancer. It’s also great that e-liquids come in all kinds of flavours.

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